Nun Facing Jail for Atrocious Acts In Preschool


( – While it’s pretty obvious that anyone can succumb to the temptations of moral depravity, there are some members of society who are held to higher standards. For example, society has heightened expectations for those who dedicate themselves to a higher calling, such as nuns.

However, as one sister in California has proven, even they can fall… and now she is going to jail to pay for her crimes.

Eighty-year-old Sister Mary Margaret Kreuper recently admitted she’d embezzled roughly $830,000 from the Catholic elementary school where she previously worked. Not only did Kreuper steal from the school’s tuition funds, but she spent the money on trips to Lake Tahoe and Las Vegas.

Yes, you read that correctly. The “devout” nun stole money to go gambling in Sin City.

Kreuper’s actions seem more like the punchline from a bad joke. However, she isn’t laughing over her sentencing. Judge Otis D. Wright II ordered the disgraced nun to one year and one day in jail for her crimes, though he admits it was hard coming to a decision on a proper punishment.

Prosecutors wanted a two-year sentence for Kreuper, but Wright claims he didn’t want to judge her based on the “worst thing” she’d done in her life.

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