New Throwable Device Puts Out Fires Automatically

Elide Fire
Elide Fire

Just think of it as a grenade in reverse — when you throw the Elide Fire Ball into the flames, it creates an explosion that actually puts out a fire. Crazy? A little. Awesome? Absolutely!

While the Elide may seem like something of a magic prop, in reality, it’s much more. This unique little fireball could replace heavy, clunky, inefficient fire extinguishers altogether, giving us a brand new way to fight the blazes.

This product could be the most innovative fire shut down way there is. It only weighs only about 3 pounds and is 15cm in diameter with a range dispersion and off 360 degrees. You do not need prior knowledge or training operation.

It’s simple to operate and easy to use while allowing you to keep your distance from fires for extra protection. The device is non-toxic and does not cause environmental damage. The Elide Fire Ball is suitable for use for both home or business.


Elide Fire Extinguishing Ball

It also comes with a 5 year product warranty and does not need periodic audits.

This new product is being praised by many in the firefighting community. The ease of use could prove useful in any life saving situation, especially when dealing with out of control fires.

~Here’s to Your Survival!


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