Throwable Device Puts Out Fires Automatically

Throwable Device Puts Out Fires Automatically

( – For survivalists, fire can be a life-saving asset. It can boil water to make it drinkable, cook food, and provide warmth in cold environments. Unfortunately, fire can also create a survival situation when it gets out of control or erupts unexpectedly.

In the world of preparedness, knowing how to eliminate threats is a big concern. Any tool that can help end an emergency situation is valuable, especially when the threat is a fire raging out of control.

Elide Fire Extinguishing Ball

Fire extinguishers tend to be the go-to option for handling a fire at home or even at the office. As technology advances, new devices often hit the market that can do the job better than older, more traditional products. When it comes to fighting fires, Elide may have broken the mold.

As the video shows, the Elide fire extinguishing ball (EFB) is a game-changer. Used in much the same way as a grenade, the ball is thrown into a fire where it explodes, instantly putting the flames out.

According to their website, the EFB is capable of putting out fires from solid structures such as wood, but it also works on gasoline, diesel, and even electrical fires. Additionally, they can be used passively rather than by being thrown when installed in areas at risk of potential fires.

Survivalists should always be on the lookout for new technologies that can be beneficial to their preparedness. The ease of use combined with the effectiveness of the EFB makes it a great addition to any prepper’s arsenal of gear.

Even with the best firefighting gear available, fire can be deadly. To see how to handle a house fire, check out our article here.

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