Hundreds Stranded in Winter Storm Catastrophe


( – Winter storms should never be taken lightly. They strike hard and fast, turning roads into icy nightmares and often cutting power to homes. This is why preparing for a storm to strike is so important — because getting caught unprepared can have disastrous results. Just ask any of the hundreds of motorists stranded without food and water in Virginia.

Reports indicate multiple tractor-trailers jackknifed in the snow, leading to the closure of Interstate 95 in Virginia. Traffic quickly backed up for miles on end following the crash. Motorists, unable to escape the jam or the accumulating snow and ice, were stuck in below-freezing temperatures overnight.

Many of those trapped in the disaster face a lack of food, water, and dwindling gasoline levels as they try to stay warm – and alive – in the frigid cold. To add more urgency to the situation, it isn’t just healthy adults stranded on the icy road. Children, pets, and those with medical needs are among the long list of victims.

Some reports indicate that drivers have been stuck for over 19 hours in the storm, including Virginia’s Democrat Senator Tim Kaine.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam claims he is doing everything in his power to help those in need, including dispatching the Virginia Department of Transportation and the State Police. Those who fear it won’t be enough are asking Northam to bring in the National Guard to help clear the roads and ensure no one freezes to death.

As the rescue mission unfolds, this dire situation is the perfect reminder that one should never leave the house unprepared. Even a short, 15-minute trip can become a life-or-death situation when an emergency strikes.

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