How to Tell if Your Survival Food is Made with Real Meat Products


( – What’s one of the best indicators that a survival food storage company uses real meat in their products?

• Coast Guard approved

• USDA approved

• In advertisement

• Certified taste test

Answer: USDA Approved. Here’s why…

Having a backup of emergency food isn’t only a good idea, it is actually something the government recommends for every household in America. Unfortunately, when it comes to emergency survival food, a great deal of the options on the market taste like eating cardboard. One way to increase the odds of getting survival food that actually tastes good is to purchase those that use real meat in the ingredients.

What to Look For

Many companies that produce survival food use textured vegetable protein (TVP) as a replacement for meat. This allows them to appeal to vegetarians and save money, as using real meat is more expensive.

While TVPs may be more cost-effective, they’re also far less appealing to the taste buds than actual meat. So how does one determine if their survival food of choice uses real meat? Check and see if it has been checked by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

The USDA inspects food that contains real meat, poultry, and eggs to ensure they are properly packaged. If the survival food does truly contain meat, it will show somewhere on the package that it is USDA approved.

While the absence of real meat in one’s emergency food isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker, the importance of having good food during an emergency cannot be overstated. A great-tasting meal can go a long way toward boosting the spirit when the world has fallen into chaos.

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