How to Survive Getting Pulled Over

How to Survive Getting Pulled Over

When Getting Pulled Over, What Should You Reach for First, Once the Vehicle is Shut Off?

  • License
  • Insurance
  • Steering Wheel
  • TEST
  • Registration

Answer: Steering Wheel

The news is flooded with reports of a simple potential speeding ticket or pedestrian stop that turned into a media frenzy over the death of a citizen or police officer. The more this goes on, the more tension there is on either side, making both sides “quick on the draw.” You can do your part by making it simple for the officer who pulls you over. The worst thing you can do when an officer has you pulled over is to reach for anything hidden — even your registration.

Instead, place your hands on the steering wheel and wait for instructions from the officer. It may be that your car resembles one they are looking for, but upon approaching the vehicle, the officer sees that you don’t fit the description of the person he or she is looking for. That means you may not need your license or registration. With your hands on the wheel, the officer can see what you are doing and doesn’t feel threatened. You can let the officer know exactly what you are reaching for and where it is once you are given instructions to provide the officer with the required paperwork.