How to Stop Porch Pirates From Ruining the Holidays

How to Stop Porch Pirates From Ruining the Holidays

( – Prior to the pandemic, online shopping was already on the rise. After the pandemic hit, however, this convenient way of purchasing goods from home saw a massive spike. While having products delivered straight to the door saves a trip to the store, it also provides the perfect opportunity for so-called porch pirates to rob a person with little effort.

An unattended box sporting an Amazon logo is an easy target for those with no regard for the law, especially if the package is sitting outside for an extended period of time. Thankfully, there are a few different ways to protect these vulnerable items.


By taking advantage of the tracking system offered by most online retailers, it’s simply a matter of taking the package inside once it is delivered. The majority of delivery systems have options to notify a person when their item has reached its final destination. Amazon goes so far as to let a person see how many stops away their package is on the day of delivery.

Obviously, this only works if one is home to pick up the boxes, or if they have a friend or neighbor doing so for them.

Require a Signature

Checking the box to require a signature upon delivery is a good way to ensure thieves don’t make off with a package. Granted, this method also requires one to be home in order to sign off on the delivery.

Video Surveillance

To deter a would-be porch pirate, one can install video surveillance systems on their property. This includes doorbell cameras which are gaining popularity. Some of these systems even allow for two-way communication, allowing the owner to speak through a speaker and potentially scare away a criminal. Another use for this would be to provide instructions to a delivery driver on other places to put a package, such as behind a bush, or behind a fence.


To combat porch piracy, some manufacturers created lockboxes designed to help people keep their packages safe. Some models have a slot for smaller packages to be slipped in, while others use a password to unlock storage space for larger parcels. Simply provide the code as part of the delivery instructions, and the driver can stash the products safely inside.

The drawback to this method is that most porch lockboxes are rather expensive, and there is always the possibility of a determined thief making off with the whole thing – packages included.

With crime on the rise across America, one can never be too cautious when it comes to protecting their valuables, including deliveries. While porch pirates are a problem, they’re not the only threat out there. To see a simple trick to defend against car thieves, take a look at our article here.

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