How to Save Money When You’re Already Struggling

How to Save Money When You're Already Struggling

( – What Should You Focus On to Save Money When You’re Struggling?

  • New Job
  • Budget
  • Second Job
  • TEST
  • Debt

Answer: Budget. Here’s why…

By far the best way to save money when you’re already struggling is to budget and plan out all purchases, income, and expenses well in advance. Having an overhead view of the overall financial situation will make it much easier to identify places where you can pull money from to add to your savings. It might just be a dollar here, a dollar there, but eventually, that money will add up and allow you to make big-ticket purchases or pay off debts.

Be wary of cutting back on utilities or closing out credit cards; this can cause more harm to both your life and your credit than the benefits it provides. Reducing unnecessary purchases and no longer eating meals out can be beneficial, but you’re likely to just re-spend that money elsewhere if you’re not keeping a close eye on your spending. And while you might even wish you had a new job, sometimes you have to stay where you’re at for one reason or another. Not only that, but without a budget in place, you aren’t likely to save more money, even if you make more.


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