How to Naturally Keep Warm in Cold Environments


(Modern – What natural materials can you use as insulation to help keep you warm in cold elements?

• Tree bark

• Mud

• Dry leaves

• Branches

Answer: Dry Leaves. Here’s why…

Getting lost in the woods can become a deadly scenario quickly, especially without a way to escape the elements and stay warm. Human beings are simply not designed to survive in the elements as many other mammals are. Thankfully, mother nature has provided other ways for people to protect themselves from the cold.

Natural Insulation

In cold climates, leaves can become natural insulation to trap body heat. Stuffing leaves between layers of clothing, for example, can help insulate the body by creating small pockets of warm air.

In fact, leaves can become a survivalist’s best friend in the woods. Here are some more examples of ways that leaves can be used to stay warm:

  • Firestarter. Dry leaves work great for tinder when attempting to start a fire for warmth.
  • Shelter. Packing leaves around a shelter works in much the same way as packing them in layers of clothing. As an added bonus, they will help waterproof the shelter.
  • Bedding. Placing a layer of leaves on the ground can make sleeping more comfortable. More importantly, it also creates an insulating layer between the body and the ground — preventing the loss of body heat through conduction.

In a survival situation, knowing how to use the environment can keep anyone alive. There is almost always something around that could be improvised to improve the situation, even the leaves themselves.

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~Here’s to Your Survival!

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