How to Help Someone Who is Panicking During a Survival Situation

How to Help Someone Who is Panicking During a Survival Situation
How to Help Someone Who is Panicking During a Survival Situation

In a survival situation, if someone is panicking, what do you do?

• Nurture them
• Abandon them
• Assign a task
• Provide counseling

Answer: Assign a Task

Survival situations can be very scary and cause someone major anxiety, panic attacks, and the overall feeling of doom. The best thing to do for someone panicking in a survival situation is to give them something to do to make them think less of the problem.

When a doctor would ask a soon-to-be father to boil water while his wife was in labor, it wasn’t really because the doctor needed hot water. It was about making him feel useful, empowered and concentrated on anything else but what was taking place.


Leaving someone behind, who is already distraught, would only be something that should be considered as a last resort and nothing short of life threatening to themselves or others.

Having a “counseling session” should probably be held away from an emergency situation and by someone who is trained or certified to help. There is a time and place for everything.

The goal is to minimize fear and panic and get people to work together in a survival situation. This can be done with a positive mental attitude and contribution to solving the problem at hand.

Keep in mind that people react differently and the situation could be affecting them directly, such as the loss of a loved one. Sometimes, not even assigning a task to a panicked individual can help. It may be best to put them in a safe place and check on them periodically.


Being a good leader in any survival situation is not always easy but leadership is definitely needed to overcome the current challenge at hand.

~To Your Survival!

Hear a few tips on what you can suggest a person who is panicking can do in a survival situation.

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