Holiday Safety Tips for Pet Owners

Holiday Safety Tips for Pet Owners

(Modern – Pets bring great joy and companionship to many people around the world. Having these furry friends in the home does come with added responsibilities, however, especially around the holidays.

Do you know what steps to take to better protect your pets this holiday season? In the following video, 12 News provides safety tips for pet owners to ensure their furry friends remain safe:

Make sure all of your family members are protected this Christmas — even the ones with four legs — by following these safety tips:

  • Create a barrier around the Christmas tree. Dogs can be tempted to investigate the Christmas tree, or even chew on ornaments and strings of lights. The water a live tree rests in can also be full of harmful bacteria, but that won’t stop a dog from trying to drink it. By placing a barrier around the tree, Fido won’t be able to reach any of these potential dangers.
  • Keep potpourri out of reach. Cats can be tempted to drink the aroma-rich fluid in potpourri burners. This will lead to burns on their sensitive tongues, and can even cause trouble breathing.
  • Hang the stockings with EXTRA care. Stockings are often stuffed with a variety of small items and chocolate goodies. According to, chocolate is toxic to both dogs and cats. Hang the stockings securely in areas your four-legged friends can’t reach to keep them safe.

Other hazards that should be kept from pets include mistletoe, poinsettias, and holly, which are all poisonous to cats and dogs. Tinsel can be deadly as well, as it can cause intestinal damage when consumed.

Pets are great additions to the family, but they can also be an asset in a survival situation. Check out our article on creating a dog-out-bag here so that your pup can be ready to evacuate with you at a second’s notice.

~Here’s to Your Survival!

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