Hacked Smart Phones Watching Us…

John McAfee
John McAfee

(ModernSurvival.org) – Cybersecurity tycoon, John McAfee, is warning that hundreds of people could be listening in on your phone calls or reading your emails as a result of potential security flaws in your smartphone.

“I have the best habits in the world and I cannot keep my phone secure.”
John McAfee

The computer security expert says that the microphones and cameras installed in mobile devices give potential access to hackers and information thieves. He said it isn’t difficult to hack someone’s phone, referring to the task as “trivial.”

McAfee stated that the federal government has taken steps to combat the relatively new threat, but suggested that what the government is doing isn’t enough.

“We are teetering on an edge, not just as companies, not just as individuals, but as a nation and even as a world,” he said. “We depend so much on our information science.” But perhaps the greatest cybersecurity threat is to America’s infrastructure; specifically, its “vulnerable” power grids. He stated that foreign hackers have already tried to infiltrate this technology.

Meanwhile, “Until you are touched, you do not understand the fullness of the risk,” McAfee said.

Six years after selling his company, McAfee and Associates, to Intel for $7.7 billion, McAfee is wading into uncharted waters: anti-spyware software for mobile devices.

He is expected to become the CEO of a small technology company, MGT Capital Investments, which will reportedly develop the new anti-spyware product for mobile devices.

“Right now, the safest setting you can click on your phone might be the off button” ~ Modern Survival

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