The Government’s Push for “Smart Guns”

Obama's Push for Smart Guns
Obama's Push for Smart Guns

( – A “smart gun” is one that incorporates technology that would prevent the gun from being used by an unauthorized person. Currently, no viable guns equipped with such technology exist.

President Barack Obama opened a new front in the gun control debate, readying a big push for so-called smart gun technology — an initiative that the gun lobby and law enforcement rank and file is already mobilizing against.

“Smart Gun” Technology

A German company called Armatix tried to introduce a smart gun into the United States a few years ago, though most of the technology is at the prototype stage. The guns are designed to only allow use by those authorized to fire them. Manufacturers are pursuing a variety of authorization methods, ranging from fingerprints to wireless chips connected to rings or watches.

The NRA’s Position on “Smart Guns”
The NRA doesn’t oppose the development of “smart guns”, nor the ability of Americans to voluntarily acquire them. It does, however, oppose any law that would prohibit Americans from buying or possessing firearms that don’t have “smart gun” technology.

Here’s what the NRA had to say about the President’s latest push on gun control and implementation of “smart gun” technology:

“President Obama’s obsession with gun control knows no boundaries. At a time when we are actively fighting terrorists at home and abroad, this administration would rather focus the military’s efforts on the president’s gun control agenda.”

The NRA is very skeptical about smart guns because they’re afraid that once a seemingly viable smart gun technology exists, anti-gun legislators at the state and federal levels will attempt to mandate it in all future guns by comparing it to seat belts, air bags, and other product safety features. If smart guns get any traction, then non-smart-guns will come under legislative assault.

Law Enforcement’s Position on “Smart Guns”
Law enforcement groups like the Fraternal Order of Police, have argued that it’s irresponsible to give these firearms to law enforcement agencies when they have not been fully tested. The FOP’s executive director, James Pasco, said he doesn’t know anyone who has seen a smart gun in commercial use. He said that smart guns were more of a concept than a technology.

“To deploy an unproven concept or technology with law enforcement, using police officers as guinea pigs, is something that causes us great concern.”
Fraternity Order of Police.

Can “smart gun” technology put an end to gun violence and accidental shootings or is it a way to control and ban traditional firearms sales and manufacturing in America? You decide.

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