Fastest Way to Relieve a Sunburn

Fastest Way to Relieve a Sunburn
Fastest Way to Relieve a Sunburn

What Is the Fastest Way to Relieve a Sunburn?

  • Aloe
  • Lidocaine
  • Cold
  • TEST
  • Heat

Answer: Cold

Lidocaine and Aloe are both great for relieving the pain of sunburns and speeding up the healing process. But, if you want immediate relief from any kind of a burn, look to cold temperatures.

Lidocaine helps speed up the healing process by limiting the pain the sunburn causes. This means you won’t mess with it as much, and the skin will have a chance to heal. But, it may not give the kind of immediate relief that something cold will.

Aloe both soothes the skin and adds moisture, so the skin is healthier and can heal faster. Heat will do nothing but irritate a sunburn.


The reason that cold will give you immediate relief has more to do with the brain than the skin itself. In order for your brain to know there is pain, a signal has to get to the pain receptors. The “cold” signal gets to these receptors before the “pain” signal. It isn’t really easing your pain; it’s just preventing your brain from getting the pain message.