Everyday Carry (EDC): How Much is TOO Much?

Everyday Carry (EDC): How Much is TOO Much?

Survival OVERLOAD: How Much is TOO Much?

(ModernSurvival.org) – Survival situations can arise without notice anywhere, at any time. This is why everyday carry (EDC) load-outs have become a popular subject in prepper circles. Having basic survival gear on hand when away from home is highly recommended. But is there a point when a person is carrying too much gear?

Don’t Overdo It

The whole point of having an EDC kit is to be prepared for an emergency without drawing attention to oneself or, worse, hindering one’s ability to survive. Small pocket survival kits, coupled with basic necessities such as a small flashlight and pocket knife, are ideal. But once the gear requires cargo pants that are bulging at the seams, it may be too much.

Here are some basic guidelines to consider so as not to overdo EDC gear:

  • Keep it comfortable. An EDC kit is supposed to be carried every day. Being weighed down with too much gear or gear that is bulky can become uncomfortable. Additionally, carrying too much can slow a person down and hinder their movement.
  • Easy access. Knowing where each item is and how to quickly access it is vital. Fumbling through pockets trying to find the right item costs valuable time in an emergency situation.
  • Keep it simple. Don’t overcomplicate the EDC with overly specific items or items that aren’t appropriate for the surrounding environment. The items should be general-purpose and suited for the day-to-day areas a person visits.
  • Don’t break gray man. Walking around town armed to the teeth, looking like Rambo, will draw a lot of unnecessary attention. The idea behind an EDC kit is to be stealthy about being prepared. Survival gear should remain hidden unless needed. It should never paint a target on someone’s back.

Having a lot of survival gear on hand is great when it’s needed, but the bulk of it should be in a bug out bag or a get home bag — not in the EDC kit. To see what items should be included in a well-rounded EDC load, check out our article here.

~Here’s to Your Survival!

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