Decrease Pain Immediately

Decrease Pain Immediately

Which of These Will Not Decrease Pain Right Now?

  • Hot
  • Cold
  • Shaking
  • TEST
  • Medication

Answer: Medication

Medication takes time to work, so it doesn’t usually immediately relieve the pain. However, temperature changes and shaking or massaging the area can. Apply heat to sore muscles before you use them so that you loosen them up. Apply cold to the area in order to relieve inflammation. This next part may blow your mind a little bit.

The brain receives its signals in a specific order. Temperature changes and immediate stimulus, like shaking or massaging can reach the brain before the pain signals do. So, you aren’t actually eliminating the pain at all; you’re just preventing the brain from getting the signal that it hurts. This is why cold water can help relieve the pain from burns although it isn’t actually stopping the pain or helping the area at all.