China Caught With Mock US Warships


( – Tensions between the United States and China have been rapidly escalating recently. China claims the sovereign nation of Taiwan to be a part of its empire, while the U.S. has supported Taiwan’s independence. This has led to the exchange of strong words between the two superpowers. Recent satellite images show that China may be preparing to do more than just talk.

Maxar Technologies captured images from the Taklamakan Desert that show the People’s Republic of China has created mock versions of American Navy vessels. The to-scale replicas include two Arleigh Burke-class destroyers and multiple aircraft carriers.

According to the United States Naval Institute (USNI), at least one of the “targets” is mounted on a railway system, allowing it to move. This is presumably so the Chinese military can practice firing at a moving target.

The mockup ships are located near a target range where China developed their “Carrier Killer” DF-21D anti-ship missiles.

China’s defense ministry has not responded to questions regarding the new target range. However, a spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry has denied any knowledge of the test site.

The revelation of these disturbing targets is yet another reason to be concerned about China’s growing military. Between this and the hypersonic nuclear weapons test China recently performed, it would seem as though the communist regime might be looking to dethrone America as the world’s number one superpower.

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