Cheap and Simple Intruder Alerts


(Modern – What can you use as an alarm to alert you and your family that someone is entering your home?

  • Baby Powder
  • Cans
  • Bells
  • Lock

Answer: Bells. Here’s why…

Keeping the home safe from burglars, looters, and worse is a big concern for many people worldwide. Sure, there are plenty of home security systems on the market to choose from; however, what happens if the power goes out?

Those high-tech security systems will become useless in a blackout or grid-down scenario. To protect your home when the world is thrust into darkness, low-tech alarms will be required.

Who Goes There?

The cheapest and easiest low-tech security option available is bells. For many years, bells announced customers’ arrival in retail shops, and the same basic principle works for home security.

Placing bells in strategic positions throughout the home, such as the top of doors, will announce intruders’ presence. When the door opens in the middle of the night, the bells ring, waking you up.

Of course, this only works if you can hear the sound. Therefore, the louder the bell, the better. Certain varieties of cowbells are loud enough to be heard across long distances, even city blocks.

Bells: Not Just For Home

Using bells for an alarm isn’t restricted to the home. Tripwires with bells hung on them make great perimeter alarms at campsites as well. When an intruder, such as a bear or another wild animal, walks through the perimeter, the bells will sound.

Home defense is important both before and after any SHTF scenario. Not only will it keep supplies safe, but it will serve to protect family members as well.

For more information on how to defend the home, check out this article on home invasion safety tips from a Navy Seal.

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