Cheap and Simple Intruder Alerts

Cheap and Simple Intruder Alerts

What can you use as an alarm to alert you and your family that someone is entering your home?

  • Baby Powder
  • Cans
  • Bells
  • TEST
  • Lock

Answer: Bells

Using bells can be a simple way to create a simple security alarm in the event someone tries to come through your doors at night.

Create an Alarm

Find a few bells that are loud enough to be an alarm that will wake you during your sleep. Hang them on the upper corner of the inside of your doors.


If the door is opened during the middle of the night, the bell will ring and you will quickly wake up. You can also use this method with different objects in different areas.

For instance, when you are camping, string cans around your perimeter. Give the people in your camp enough room to move around without making the cans clink together, but make the area small enough to be easily protected.

A lock can help deter intruders, but it isn’t an alarm. Baby powder is useful for tracking where an intruder goes, but again, it isn’t a warning.

When all modern conveniences are working, motion detectors and alarms are great for intruder warnings, but you need to have a plan in case  the SHTF, too.