Battlefield First Aid Device Now Available for Citizens


( – Wounds are an unfortunate fact of life. While most injuries don’t require much more than a basic first aid kit, there’s always a chance that a more severe injury is right around the corner. No one wants to think about being shot, stabbed, or suffering shrapnel wounds, but being prepared to handle such an injury could mean the difference between life and death.

How can an ordinary person survive such a life-threatening injury? Enter the Xstat, a battlefield first aid device now available to non-military civilians.

Time is Vital

Often, the critical factor in saving a severely injured individual is time. A wound that is hemorrhaging, or losing significant amounts of blood, can prove fatal in a very short span of time. While tourniquets are a great way to slow down blood loss, not every wound happens in an area of the body that allows for this. For example, a gunshot to the torso would not qualify for the use of a tourniquet. So what can be done to slow the blood flow here and potentially save a life?

About the XStat

Initially approved by the FDA for military use, the Xstat is a syringe-like hemostatic tool filled with pill-sized sponges that expand when injected into a wound. According to RevMedX, the company that developed the Xstat, once injected, the product will stifle blood flow from an injury for up to four hours. This provides critical time for medical professionals to transport the injured individual to a medical center for surgery.

While there are regions of the body that Xstat shouldn’t be used, such as the abdomen, RevMedX does offer a training course on how to use the device properly.

Although gunshot wounds and knife lacerations may not be common injuries, there are plenty of similar wounds that Xstat could treat (after automotive accidents, for example).

Embracing the preparedness lifestyle includes being ready to save a life at any given time. This is why having first-aid gear and knowledge is so vital. You never know when you could be called on to save a loved one’s life — or your own.

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~ Here’s to Your Survival!

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