American Ammunition Manufacturer Offers Aid to Ukraine


( – The Russian invasion of Ukraine is in full swing. Although outmatched and outgunned, the Ukrainian military is putting up a strong fight against Vladimir Putin’s forces.

As the conflict stretches on, it becomes more evident that in order to defend themselves, the Ukrainians are going to need help. At least one American arms manufacturer is answering the call.

AMMO, Inc. recently announced a public offer to the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, pledging to provide 1 million rounds of ammunition to his military. In a press release, the ammo giant claims they heard the cry for help from Ukraine and would like to help.

Fred Wagenhals, CEO of AMMO, Inc., said that as Americans, the company will “stand for freedom and democracy everywhere.” Wagenhals went on to condemn the Russian aggression, and to recognize that time is of the essence. The CEO claims his company is ready to “move quickly” to support Ukraine’s fight to retain sovereignty.

While the company’s move might not compare to the millions of dollars worth of military equipment sent to Ukraine by the United States government so far, the gesture is sure to be welcomed by President Zelensky.

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