Amazon’s Alexa Tells Child to Take Deadly Challenge


( – Many people have chosen to make Amazon’s digital assistant, Alexa, a part of their home. The tool allows users to control a variety of other technological devices around the house, and even ask it questions which it answers by searching the internet. To one mother’s horror, Alexa answered such a question from her ten-year-old daughter with instructions that could have led to the child’s death.

Kristin Livdahl claims that Alexa gave her daughter directions on how to perform a deadly TikTok challenge. The girl asked the device for a new challenge after performing a variety of indoor gym challenges from a YouTube channel.

At that point, Alexa told the youngster to put a phone charger into an electrical socket, but only halfway. The “challenge” is to then touch the exposed prongs with a coin. Anyone with a small knowledge of electricity can immediately spot the overwhelming danger here.

In fact, the “penny challenge” from TikTok has caused serious harm in the past. In 2020, a Plymouth North High School student started a fire in the school while performing the challenge.

This recent disaster reinforces the ill will many have toward Amazon’s device. Since it first launched, some have claimed the AI acts as a spy within homes across the world. While that is a scary thought, the fact Alexia is telling children to do devastating acts of self-harm is even worse.

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