Alternative Methods of Boiling Water in a Survival Situation


(Modern – What is an alternative way to boil water if you don’t have a metal pot?

  • Use extremely hot rocks
  • Use direct sun to boil
  • Boil in plastic container
  • A & C

Answer: A & C. Here’s why…

In a survival situation, having access to drinkable water is incredibly important. Unfortunately, access to clean water is often hard to come by, and what water is available needs to be purified to be suitable for consumption. The easiest way to accomplish this is by boiling the water. But what if a metal pot isn’t available?

In as little as three days, a lack of water can prove to be fatal. Even without a metal container, water will still need purifying to become drinkable — so what can you do?

Using a Plastic Bottle

Many people will go out hiking with a plastic water bottle to help keep them hydrated. While not the best solution, plastic bottles can be a temporary way to boil water in a survival situation. Check out the below video to see how it’s done.

To boil water in a plastic bottle, fill the bottle ¾ full with water (prefiltered if possible), then place it into the coals of a preexisting fire. Eventually, the water inside will boil, killing harmful bacteria and parasites that may have called it home.

This method works because the boiling temperature of the water is lower than the melting point of the plastic. Note that even though this will work to disinfect water, no bottle should be used more than once or twice at most, as the plastic will leak harmful chemicals into the water.

Extremely hot rocks can also be placed into containers of water to make it boil.

To see how to use the same water bottle used for boiling water to start the necessary fire, check out this article.

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