Alternative Methods of Boiling Water in a Survival Situation

Alternative Methods of Boiling Water in a Survival Situation
Alternative Methods of Boiling Water in a Survival Situation

What is an alternative way to boil water if you don’t have a metal pot?

• Use hot rocks
• Use direct sun
• Use plastic container
• Both A & C

Answer: Both A & C

Both these methods, while time-consuming and tedious, will absolutely work if you are careful. Just don’t let the flames touch the plastic and try to keep the rocks as clean and free of ashes as possible.

Boiling Water Using Plastic Containers
It’s important to understand that boiling water in a plastic container is only as a LAST RESORT in a survival situation. This is not something to be done on a daily basis. Drinking dirty water without filtering or boiling increase your chances of getting sick and making a survival situation much worse.


This method is to be used when other options of water purification are not available. Once again, This is an EMERGENCY way of boiling water that even a novice with no experience can do to receive potable water.

This is what the American Cancer Society is saying about drinking water from plastic containers. The choice of drinking water using this method is up to you.

How to Boil Water on a Fire in a Plastic Bottle.

How to Boil Water Using Rocks
Using rocks to boil water is another method that can be used in a survival situation. The method is quite simple. After building a fire, find some porous rocks and place them in the fire. Carefully take the rocks out and place them in the water you want to boil. It may take several heated rocks to get the water boiling so be sure to have plenty on-hand.


How to Purify Water for Rock Boiling | Survival Skills

In any survival situation, water is the one food source you don’t want be without. Learning how to clean water without many resources is a life-saving skill everyone should learn. Remember, being prepared is always best.

~To Your Survival!