How to Know If Someone Went Through Your Wallet

How to Know If Someone Went Through Your Wallet

(Modern – What Can You Use to See if Someone Was In Your Wallet?

  • Alphabetizing
  • Hair
  • Paper
  • TEST
  • Foil Pieces

Answer: Hair. Here’s why…

Take a few strands of hair and wrap them over the top of each individual credit card or your stack of cash. When the cards or cash are removed, the hair will fall to the floor. Even if they return the cards and some money to your wallet, you’ll be able to tell that the cards were moved.

Foil pieces and paper are too obvious, and alphabetizing them just means that whoever gets in your wallet needs to put the cards back where they were.


Tip: If you feel like you have to do this, it’s probably best to do it before you suspect something so you never risk losing anything first. Consider it a test that you put everyone through, just to keep things square.

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