First Step in Home Defense


(Modern – When a Stranger Walks on Your Property, What is the Most Powerful Tool You Have to Use First?

  • Voice
  • Gun
  • Knife
  • Fire

Answer: Voice. Here’s why…

The majority of burglaries are committed by thieves who do not want a confrontation. For this reason, burglars often case houses before committing the crime to learn when the owners are going to be away. Because intruders want to avoid homeowners at all costs, there’s a great first step in home defense that could help prevent a break-in entirely.

Let Your Voice Be Heard

When a stranger comes wandering onto your property, or a burglar enters your home, the most powerful tool available is the voice. Walking out with a weapon in hand may seem like the best option, but that’s not necessarily the right call for everyone. For example, a homeowner may not know how to use a weapon or might not be willing to do so.

A firm, strong voice will set the tone for the encounter. This lets the invader know they aren’t welcome and the homeowner is not going to be pushed around. If there’s a weapon in hand, the invader will know the homeowner is willing to use it, as well.

A booming warning can scare off intruders even if they can’t see where it’s coming from. Some modern security systems provide a way to speak in the home remotely, which has proven effective in thwarting robberies.

If the person wandered onto the property on accident, calling out will let them know they’re trespassing. A home invader, realizing they’re caught, will likely flee the scene to avoid confrontation or arrest. In the event a verbal warning isn’t enough, more drastic measures may be required to defend yourself and your family.

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