Dems Gain Power, People Lose All…True Story

Dems Gain Power, People Lose All...True Story

(Modern – There comes a time when things get so bad, you can no longer hide the inadequacies, even if you try. That is precisely where the Democrats are right now. Conor Lamb (D-PA) inadvertently demonstrated exactly that in a recent interview with CNN.

Lamb discussed the job situation in his neck of woods as a 3 or 4 decades-long period before Trump where they lost jobs in coal, steel, and manufacturing. Many of them went to China and Mexico.

You might think that Lamb didn’t realize that particular time period is exactly the time period that Joe Biden has been in US politics. But he goes on to explore just that, saying how he hasn’t been accountable for that situation because he’s fairly new, but Biden isn’t. This is just one of many examples across the country where, as cities fall and unemployment climbs in Democrat-run areas, it’s becoming all too obvious that where Democratic leaders realize financial success, the people they are supposed to represent lose, well, everything.

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