Prepare Now: Keep Rioters OUT


(Modern – Civil unrest could arguably erupt at any moment. The nation is bitterly divided over party lines, and political leaders fanning the flames with constant streams of inflammatory rhetoric. Add to the mix soaring inflation which has the average American struggling to make ends meet, and suddenly the prospect of widespread rioting seems uncomfortably possible.

Should the streets fill with angry hordes, local authorities could become overwhelmed — leaving people to fend for themselves if the violence spills into neighborhoods. With that in mind, it’s important to ask oneself what you can do now to prepare to face a mob, or better yet, to keep them out.

City Prepping has provided a video explaining the steps you can take to make rioters think twice before they come marching into your neighborhood:

You Picked the Wrong Neighborhood

To keep rioters out, the same basic principles used to make your home less appealing to burglars apply, just on a grander scale. If the incoming horde sees your neighborhood as a hard target, chances are they will move on to greener pastures—in this case, areas that are easy to terrorize.

The easiest way to keep them out is to block the entrances to the neighborhood. Barricade the entrances with dumpsters, vehicles, or whatever you can find to make them think twice about entering. You’ll need to talk to your neighbors about this beforehand, but if the situation is bad enough, they may thank you for thinking ahead and taking action. With careful planning, you and your neighbors could reach an agreement for closing neighborhood entrances after a certain time each evening.

Prepare for the Worst

In case a barricade isn’t enough to make the mob seek out an easier target, prepare the ground around your home for the worst. This means picking up flower pots, loose bricks, and gardening tools — anything a disgruntled rioter could use as a projectile against your home.

Park the car in a garage, or move it to a place rioters will be less likely to find it. If you’ve seen videos of what happens to cars in a riot, you know why.

Close blinds and curtains to keep valuables out of sight. If you can afford it, window security film is a great option to keep intruders out, be they the rioting kind or just standard burglars. Anything that can slow them down while they attempt to breach your defenses is a big plus. As a last resort, duct tape placed in an ‘x’ formation over windows can add a bit of shatter proofing if window film isn’t an option.

The main weapons used by rioters are projectiles such as rocks or bricks, and fire. Here are some tips on how to pull the fangs on their ability to burn your home:

  • Move trash cans to a safe position out of sight. A common tactic in riots is to start fires in garbage cans, then move them next to buildings as an easy way to burn them down.
  • Remove any dead brush or other easily ignitable fuel sources from around the home.
  • Lock up any gasoline containers or propane tanks that may be outside.
  • If rioters are nearing your location, hose down your home, lawn, and fences.
  • If you have sprinklers, turn them on and let them run.
  • Have a fire extinguisher at the ready.

Having a good relationship with the neighbors can be a great defense as well. Being able to form a small army of your own to resist the horde could be enough to make them leave.

If all these steps fail, the rioters make it in, and the S is hitting the F, you will need to have a plan to get out. This is when the bug-out bag becomes so handy. Know all the ways to get out, and make use of them.

For additional information on how to create a bug-out bag for emergencies, check out our article here.

~Here’s to Your Survival!

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