How to Analyze Your Home’s Perimeter Defenses

How to Analyze Your Home's Perimeter Defenses

(Modern – The truth is you can plan and prepare all you want, but without proper defense, your preparation can all be for nothing. If you have weak defenses, you’re more likely to be targeted by burglars (or raiders in a SHTF scenario). Charley Hogwood, from Survival Dispatch, breaks down ways to analyze your home defenses here:

The first thing you can do in the search to secure your home is counter surveillance. This just means you’re finding ways to make it more difficult to acquire intel on your home. This could be something as simple as keeping your blinds or curtains closed. At night, passersby can see every visible aspect of a lit up room. In your quest to fortify your home, look for areas where people can hide as well. Don’t forget that people can scout your house from a distance by ducking behind a bush or fence.

Determining your field of view, and anything that may hinder it, is a big deal. Bushes, fences and trees can all be easy hiding spots. In contrast, these things can be good as they provide your home with concealment.

Try to examine your property from an outsider’s perspective, this will give you insight on what needs to be changed. Be observant, the more data you take in the better. Greater knowledge of your property can lead to more ideas on how to properly defend your home.

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