Prepare for Financial Collapse With This

Prepare for Financial Collapse With This

(Modern – Financial collapse: it’s not a question of if it will happen, but when. The truth is a collapse is bound to happen eventually; no country or civilization in history has been immune to it. So, how can you prepare for the inevitable? City Prepping on youtube gives valuable insight into preparing for this event.

Paper currency can lose value over time and during times of economic stress. This isn’t always a lengthy process; sometimes, it can happen overnight. In these events, food and water are obviously going to be very valuable as they are literally the key to staying alive. Ammunition will also become a commodity. In fact, virtually everything you need to exist on a daily basis will quickly rise in value.

This isn’t even really new. Trading goods used to be the way of life. Currency, while still technically a form of trading, put a damper on that. But even today, while our economy remains standing, plenty of people barter to save a buck.

So, what items hold value after a collapse?

The answer is simple: precious metals.

In this case, we aren’t just talking about gold, silver, and platinum. Copper, aluminum, and possibly even lead might be considered precious to the right person. Copper is especially good for electrical conductivity, while lead can be used to make ammo and fishing weights. So, the term precious, here, is really more about the properties a metal holds and how useful it is to the people around you.

Does this mean you should go buy all the precious metals you can? Not necessarily. In fact, that might even be a bad idea. Buying too much gold or silver will bring unwanted attention to you and your assets. But do keep it in mind. Buy in moderation and keep what you get safe and hidden from prying eyes. The last thing you want is to get robbed. Precious metals may not be as valuable as food, but they’re still incredibly valuable if SHTF.

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