Astrological Mystery Astounds Scientists

Astrological Mystery Astounds Scientists

(Modern – Space is both astonishing and frightening; we’ve learned so much about it, and yet there is still so much to learn. The vastness of space and the inner workings of nature make this task challenging to say the least.

We know quite a bit about the life and death of a star, but this new event brings excitement to even veteran scientists.

This “monster star” that was so hot it burned bright blue, shining 2.5 million times brighter than our own Sun, has disappeared. Located in the Aquarius constellation and more than 70 million light-years away, this stellar body suddenly vanished and scientists are not exactly sure why the star can’t be seen. Though, they do have a few theories.

  1. The star could have become less luminous and is obscured by dust
  2. The star imploded into a black hole rather than exploding into a supernova

Andrew Allan, Ph.D. alumni at Trinity College located in Dublin, Ireland, who has led the research, stated if the star did collapse rather than explode it would be a first. Allan added that it would be very unusual for a star of its size to just vanish without producing a bright supernova.

Researchers stated that, to our knowledge, a star ending its life in this manner would be rare. Our current understanding of how massive stars die is that most end their lives with a “bang,” a supernova.

This truly is astounding given what we know of stars. Learning more about how stars die can help us reveal the secrets of the universe.

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