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Police Discover Real Life House of Horrors

(ModernSurvival.org) - There seems to be no end to the depths of insanity some people can reach. Police in Indiana found this out firsthand...

Bicyclist Hit Three Times By Same Driver Dies

(ModernSurvival.org) - In the concrete jungle, the need to be ever aware of one’s surroundings is critical. One wrong step, or in this case...

Lost Hiker Recovered After Desperate Plea for Help

(ModernSurvival.org) - Even experienced outdoors enthusiasts make mistakes when exploring nature. While most mistakes aren’t that bad, some can prove to be deadly —...

Everyday Carry For Self Defense

(ModernSurvival.org) - Violent crime has always been a serious threat to personal safety. In bygone times, warriors used swords and axes to defend against...

Honeymoon Ends in Explosive Tragedy

(ModernSurvival.org) - The horrors of war claim the lives of soldiers and civilians alike. When wars end, populations rejoice as the killing ends and...