Are you able and willing to use lethal force to protect your belongings if necessary?

A: It’s a terrible concept, but desperate times call for extreme measures. It’s easy to say you’d take a life if your life is being immediately threatened. It’s a whole different thing to be faced with having to protect your own limited supplies from others who need them because they weren’t prepared or self-reliant.

There’s a pervasive attitude among large groups of trained, armed and very capable people that if it comes to it, they will not hesitate take from others. Some justify that if they don’t take it, someone else will. Only those with strength in numbers, training, trust and preparation, equipped mentally and physically, prepared to do whatever it takes would have a chance. Tough decisions indeed. Hopefully, we’ll never have to make such terrible decisions.

Here’s some tips on setting simple alarms to alert you when an intruder is nearby, perhaps before it becomes a life or death situation.