Do you have broken-in boots, non-cotton socks and the fitness to hike 3+ miles per day?

A: Even if you never have to go in search of your own food or water, it’s a good idea to be prepared for the worst. Being able to hike 3 or more miles day also means that your body is in better shape to fight off illness and infection. In a survival scenario, even the smallest of injuries can be game changers. The wrong shoes and cotton socks will ruin your feet in a matter of days. A small blister can turn into a large infection. There are a few sock materials (wool, smart wool, etc) that your local hiking shop can advise you on, that will go the distance and help avoid blisters. Here’s an old school technique for avoiding blisters, but not as good as the right shoes and true hiker-quality socks. See old military method of avoiding blisters.