Laws on Brush and Log Burning

Laws on Brush and Log Burning

(Modern – What Law Do Landowners Have to Follow When Setting Brush and Logs on Fire?

  • Reasonable Care and Precautions
  • No Fire on Your Own Land
  • No Law Exists
  • TEST
  • Notify the Police

Answer: Reasonable Care and Precautions

Landowners can set brush, logs, debris, grass, and other materials on fire on their own land as long as they take the proper precautions to prevent the spread of fire if one were to occur. This includes clearing around the area where the fire will start or having a cut pile of logs ready to burn rather than pulling random pieces from the woods.

You don’t have to notify the police department, but it’s a good idea. This way, they can let you know if there is a burn ban you were unaware of, but it also prevents them from sending out the fire department should one of the neighbors see smoke and dial 911.

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