China Scrambles for Damage Control

China Scrambles for Damage Control

( – The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is under a lot of scrutiny about the novel coronavirus. From their handling of the virus itself to disbelief of the numbers they have reported (both for infections and deaths), China is in a very tight spot — one that may outlive the pandemic itself.

In response to the mounting criticism, Chinese officials have increased the number of deaths in Wuhan, the city of COVID-19’s origin, by 50 percent. An increase of this size may further hinder the CCP’s credibility and damage China’s already fragile image. Many countries have expressed concern with China’s numbers, especially those who have fought this COVID pandemic themselves and seen firsthand how easily it spreads.

Researchers at the University of Hong Kong recently estimated that 232,000 cases in China as of late February, claiming this is a more accurate number than the ones being given by the CCP. The New York Times reported that on Friday, April 17, China released revised numbers of 82,000 cases with 4,500 deaths.


The CCP’s sudden change of numbers adds fuel to the many theories regarding China’s role in the COVID outbreak. Even the Central Intelligence Agency has shared their doubts in the validity of China’s reports, claiming the numbers are “vastly understated” in a report to the White House. When everything is said and done, what repercussions will China face for their role in the pandemic?

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