ALERT! Avoid Blowing the Family Boating Excursion

ALERT! Avoid Blowing the Family Boating Excursion

(Modern – It’s always nice to take a lake day with family and friends, especially if you have a boat. However, if not appropriately operated, they can be very dangerous. Even experienced boat owners can make mistakes that unfortunately lead to injury.

The good news is that it’s very easy to avoid disaster; it happens more often than you might think. Boats can last for a long time, fiberglass ones especially. This means that other things on the vessel are going to fail long before the boat itself does. This makes preventative maintenance a must for any owner.

The main concern is the fuel system. Fuel lines over time crack, fittings will rust, shut-offs don’t get used properly and become stuck, and even the tanks and carburetors can leak.

Gasoline vaporizes quickly, and those vapors are incredibly combustible; even the smallest spark can ignite them. Using a clean, dry rag, you can test for fuel leaks in all of the areas listed above. This is only a comprehensive list, you should research everything else that you need to check.

Another way to prevent blowing the top off your boat is to make sure all the parts are marine ignition protected, meaning they won’t emit a spark, to avoid igniting flammable fumes. Manufacturers specifically design these parts to be used in an area where an explosion could occur.

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