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Zombie Bait: You Scored Between 1-30

Brain Bait

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If we’re facing a zombie apocalypse (no, we don’t think that’s really a thing), you’re what we would fondly refer to as “Zombie Bait.” Your odds are survival for more than a month aren’t looking good. This is the time when people go straight into panic mode. The longer it lasts, the more likely people are to take down their moral barriers and focus on their own survival… at any cost. You’ll need to start focusing on not just food and water, but defense as well.

The good news is that by taking the quiz the first time around, you’ve taken the first step toward improving your chances of survival. If things get bad, it might be a good idea to partner up with someone who has a little more survival knowledge than you currently do. In the meantime, use Modern Survival tips to help develop your existing skills and come up with some new ones.