2-Minute Survival IQ Quiz


What is the most important survival tool anyone can have?

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To survive outdoors for 3+ days in an unfamiliar climate, which of the following do you need to secure FIRST?

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What is the first physical test you should do on a plant to see if it MIGHT be safe to eat?

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To build a smokeless fire, you need two...

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What is the greatest threat terrorists pose to America?

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What is the best temporary back-up power supply for your home in a power outage?

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What's the best way to defend your family in a crisis?

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What is the best hunting tool when food supplies are low or hard to access?

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What is the best way to ensure safe drinking water in an emergency?

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What is the best way to "secure" non-perishable food in an emergency?

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What's the best method for treating a serious infection without antibiotics?

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What makes functional firearms more dangerous than no firearms?

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What is the best physical asset for a post-SHTF bartering scenario?

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Which 2-way radio bands are best if mobile networks go down?

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In an emergency evacuation, what does each family member need to grab first?

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How much should a fully stocked bug out bag weigh to survive 1-2 weeks?

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What needs to be "memorized" by each family member BEFORE a crisis?

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In order to establish North, you will find ant hills and spider webs on what side of a tree?

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What can you use to safely disinfect water?

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What is the most reliable way to stay warm if you must sleep outdoors?

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