Preparation is Your Civic Duty

If you are capable (healthy and not handicapped), it is your civic duty to be prepared and self-reliant in the event of an emergency. By doing so you will not only be able to help yourself and your family, but others who are unable to help themselves.

With new threats to our safety and freedom reported daily along with mass-shootings, terrorist attacks, natural disasters and the ever present fear of a social unrest and economic system collapse… It’s not “if” something will happen close to home… it’s “when,” and it’s our duty to be more prepared.

Survival is not something you can just buy. It also involves staying informed, independent and self-reliant–especially in times of emergency.

The following emergency preparation lists are freely available to subscribers. There is simply no excuse for not keeping printed copies of each list in safe places and gathering what you can to be more prepared. Surviving catastrophes takes far more than a few flashlights, some water and canned goods and firearm or two. Here are the lists you can download.

Master Printable List
First Aid List
OTC Medications List
Home Preparation List
Vehicle Preparation List
Bug-out Bag List is a free public service that encourages responsible adults to become prepared citizens and not be dependent on others or the government–especially after a disaster. Emergency services will be stretched extremely thin in the aftermath of any major disastrous event. Being more prepared for an emergency allows first responders to help themselves and others who truly need assistance.

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Eric Martin
Founder & President