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What You Can Expect from Modern Survival

Unlike many preparation-oriented websites, Modern Survival also addresses issues that are happening right now, in modern times. We share tips and threats on everything from digital threats, physical security to dangerous products you should avoid.

For example: Did you know

  • In 2016 most malware (viruses) were “Adware” which slow your computer down.
  • In 2017 most malware were “Ransomware” which force consumers to pay in Bitcoin.
  • Every 10 seconds, a consumer gets hit with ransomware.
  • Every 40 seconds, a company gets hit with ransomware.
  • Your antivirus software cannot stop them.

The odds are you or someone in your family is still using weak portable passwords. The odds are you or someone in your family is not trained to spot modern phishing attempts. Educating yourself on digital threat prevention is the only way to protect yourself.

At the same time, we all know that in a modern age where you can go to the store to satisfy just about every need, if a disaster happens, we’ll help prepare you for that too with life sustaining information about how to be ready for whatever comes your way.

At Modern Survival, we consider it our personal responsibility to pass along as much useful survival information as possible. We’re happy that you have decided to join us in our cause and look forward to reading your comments, questions and concerns.

Modern Survival also has 30-second survival quizzes you can just click-and-check for the right answer. You’ll get both fun and serious survival tips from the pros. In no time, you’ll be far more prepared than most people for good times or bad.

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