Why You Need a New Identification Card Now

Why You Need a New Identification Card Now

Which of These Can You Gain Main Services from Using a Driver’s License issued by a State that is Non-compliant with the REAL ID Act?

  • Library
  • Nuclear Plant
  • Airport
  • TEST
  • Military Base

Answer: Library

After January of 2018, a driver’s license issued by a state that is non-compliant with the REAL ID Act will limit your ability to utilize certain services. To be fair, you could have answered “airport” and gotten it right, as long as you didn’t want to board a plane going anywhere outside your own state. If all you want to do is check out a book at the local library, take a trip within your own state, or sit at the airport bar, you’re in good shape. Otherwise, it may be time to look into a passport.

Why is this important now? Because passports can take months to obtain, and with 7 states not in compliance, that time could be extended significantly. It isn’t just about gaining entry to a military base, nuclear plant, or airplane either. If you cross state lines and are pulled over, most especially on a Federal highway, your state-issued driver’s license may not be considered valid.