Where to Turn to File a Will

Where to Turn to File a Will

Where Should You Go for Help Filing a Will?

  • Parents
  • Online Will-Maker
  • Estate Lawyer
  • TEST
  • Financial Planner

Answer: Estate Lawyer

While it is possible to use an online will maker to create your own will, you want to at least speak with a professional who can help you with the details. Even your parents might have great advice, but may not be up-to-date on things like inheritance taxes.

Speak to an estate lawyer who specializes in planning wills, estates, and trusts. He or she will help you determine which aspects you need to include, such as who will become the legal guardian of your children, how to plan your life insurance, and who will run your estate.

An estate lawyer works closely with a financial planner to make sure you’re dividing up your assets appropriately and considering all the angles.


However, going to a financial planner isn’ the best route because an estate lawyer specializes in this topic while a financial planner is more diversified.

Working closely with a professional is the best way to plan your will accordingly so that your heirs get the most out of your assets.

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