The Ultimate “Survival Fruit” You Probably Didn’t Know Existed


( – The largest tree-borne fruit in the world, the exotic jackfruit, could be the answer to starvation. High in vitamin C, one fruit can weigh between 10 and 100 pounds and contain hundreds of bulbs, each containing a seed rich in protein, potassium, calcium and iron. A single tree can grow up to 150 jackfruits over its two harvest seasons each year, having the potential to provide an abundance of food to the millions of people who are starving and malnourished, with one-fifth of a pound of this fruit offering about 95 calories.

“It’s a miracle. It can provide so many nutrients and calories – everything. If you just eat 10 or 12 bulbs of this fruit, you don’t need food for another half a day.”

~Shyamala Reddy, Biotechnology Researcher at the University of Agriculture Sciences in Bangalore, India.

This miracle fruit can be prepared a variety of ways as well. It can be eaten ripe or unripe, made into juice, ice cream, jackfruit curry, stir fry, chips, and even baking flour. Un-ripened jackfruit even tastes like pork after an hour or so of cooking, and can be turned into delicious “pulled pork” sandwiches.

However, since it only stays good for a few weeks, a good way to preserve the fruit is to dry it out into chips, or store it in cans.

Aside from food, the jackfruit tree also provides leaves that can be used as food for farm animals, bark that can be converted into dye, a sticky latex substance that can be used as glue, and of course the wood that can be sold as timber.

Jackfruit is seasonal so it can be difficult to find; however, Amazon and other retailers are starting to stock dried and canned Jackfruit if you want to give it a try. Some Asian grocery stores are importing the full fresh fruit as well.

If you’re trying to be prepared for if/when things go south, this is one fruit it pays to keep in stock!

~Here’s to Your Survival!

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