Trump Plans to Bring These Back… and Soon

Trump Plans to Bring These Back... and Soon

(Modern – If anyone knows how to get the left riled up, it’s President Donald Trump. He certainly knows how to fire up both parties, typically leaving Democrats angered and burned in the process. The right, however, has shown deep support of the president, as is evident in the massive crowds packing his MAGA rallies.

President Trump, like many Americans, is ready to get back to business, and that’s exactly what Trump plans to do. He hopes to be able to hold his huge MAGA campaign rallies in the coming weeks, despite the coronavirus.

Trump’s advisors are looking for ways to keep the rallies safe for those attending. Details of where these rallies will be held, and what safety measures will be taken, are being worked on and should be announced soon. Brad Parscale, Trump’s campaign manager, is expected to present the possibilities to the president.


Of course, Democrats and the mainstream media (MSM) will be quick to demonize these rallies, as they do with everything Trump does. This time, however, their hypocrisy will be openly displayed for all to see. Democrats, who are supporting the protests and riots, will have a hard time convincing anyone those are safe from COVID but Trump Rallies are not.

Not to mention recent studies by the World Health Organization (WHO) have found that asymptomatic people with COVID-19 have a very rare chance of spreading the virus. These same cases are what originally led the call for social distancing, but have been shown to not be a major contribution to the spread of the virus.

These new rallies will certainly bring more support for Trump and his 2020 campaign — and could be bigger than ever before.

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