Threats To Prep For in 2022


( – The last two years have been rough, to say the very least. From the coronavirus pandemic and supply chain chaos to civil unrest and natural disasters, life has been far from normal. With a new year upon us, one has to wonder: “What’s next?”

To answer this question, here is a list of the most likely threats coming in 2022:

  • Inflation. This has already proven to be a problem in America, with inflation numbers hitting a 30-year high. As prices rise, people will find themselves unable to purchase basic necessities for everyday life. With consumer demand high and the ability to produce products low, the price of everyday items will continue to skyrocket.
  • More COVID-19 Mutations. In all likelihood, the coronavirus will continue to mutate, adding new variants to the world. With Delta and Omicron as examples, it’s safe to say that each new mutation will have a huge impact on the global economy and lead to widespread panic.
  • Labor Shortages. The year 2021 saw record numbers of employees leave their jobs, and it’s entirely possible 2022 will see the same. This lack of workers played a huge role in the disruption of the global supply chain this year, and it looks as though things will only get worse in the months to come.
  • Supply Chain Issues. From lockdowns to labor shortages, the global supply chain is standing on shaky ground right now. As inflation drives the cost of raw materials up, manufacturing is going to suffer even more. To make matters worse, as the supply chain begins to buckle, panic buying will compound the issue as it did during the onset of COVID-19.
  • Food Shortages. Industrial leaders claim that crop yields will be down in 2022, complicating the food shortages the world is already suffering. As the amount of available produce drops and the demand stays the same, prices for food will go up. Add the fact that the cost of running farms has also increased thanks to rising gas and fertilizer prices, and the future of the food supply chain looks rather bleak.
  • Political Divides. The rift between right-wing and left-wing Americans has gone from simple differences of opinion to fully-armed conflict and calls for civil war. As both sides continue to dehumanize their perceived opposition, further breakdowns of civility are likely. A return of civil unrest and rioting is a very real possibility in 2022, especially considering the midterm elections later in the year.
  • Natural Disasters. The year 2021 brought with it an insane number of ecological catastrophes, from hurricanes and widespread flooding to scorching heat and drought. The sting of strange weather patterns seems to be increasing, creating high odds that 2022 will see another rash of natural calamities.

For more information on the potential threats listed above, take a look at the following video from City Prepping:

So what is the takeaway here? With the lessons from the previous two years fresh on the mind, now is the time to prepare for whatever series of domino-effect disasters are coming. While preppers once were ridiculed for their beliefs, it’s now rather obvious that they were correct in their desire to prepare for the worst.

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~Here’s to Your Survival!

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