This is the Dirtiest Place in an Airport

This is the Dirtiest Place in an Airport
This is the Dirtiest Place in an Airport

What is the dirtiest place in an airport?

• Airport bathrooms
• TSA/security bins
• Ticket counters
• Airport ticket kiosks

Answer: Security Bins

The dirtiest place in an airport is at TSA/security bins. Here’s why…

There’s no other way to put it…airports are dirty. A recent study showed the different surfaces in an airport and the levels of concentrated germs and viruses each had.


While many people likely would have guessed the kiosks, the security bins won the “dirtiest place” award.

In the study, researchers took samples at Helsinki-Vantaa, the main airport in Finland during the peak flu season in 2015 and 2016.

The security bins tested 50% more positive for different germs and viruses compared to other parts of the airport like toilet seats.

According to the study, the toilet seats didn’t test positive for any viruses during the 14 conducted tests.


So, what’s the moral of the story here?

Be sure to wash your hands IMMEDIATELY after going through airport security, unless you want to catch something other than your flight.

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