The Best Time to Eat Wild Edibles

The Best Time to Eat Wild Edibles
The Best Time to Eat Wild Edibles

What’s one of the most misleading bits of information about gathering wild edibles?
• Easy to find
• Hard to find
• Poisonous
• Availability

Answer: Availability

Relying on food sources in the wilderness like wild berries can get a tricky. One of the most misleading bits of information is that wild berries will be available to consume. It’s important to take into account the growing seasons of different wild edibles.

Many hikers and survivalists have experienced being a week early or late in the season when depending on picking wild edibles as a survival food source. It’s important to know the land and what naturally grows in the area. This can prevent sickness or getting poisoned by eating the wrong plant or berry.

It may be a good to learn some basic guidelines to foraging wild edibles. Here are some foraging tips to get started:

  • Find a mood mentor – Learn and explore with people who have experience in foraging wild edibles.
  • Find a good book – There are many books on harvesting wild edibles. It’s one of the best ways to get the information needed on hand without relying on technology.
  • Rely on all senses – Don’t make the mistake of relying on pictures alone. There are many look-alike plants that could prove deadly. Get as much detailed information as possible.
  • Avoid edibles near roads – Wild plants can absorb toxic fumes and other poisonous chemicals. It’s best to avoid these types of areas.
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  • Be cautious of water sources – Eating plants that have grown in contaminated water is the same as drinking contaminated water. Even if cooked, some of the toxins can’t be removed.
  • Going out into the wild and foraging wild edibles can be a great way to connect with our ancient and primal instincts. Just be sure to do it safely.

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