Terrifying New Curricula and Rules for the School Year

Terrifying New Curricula and Rules for the School Year

(Modern Survival.org) – Every year there are parents who come in to defend why little Suzy should get an A rather than an F, or how little Johnny really isn’t a bully. But this year, parents and teachers alike only wish those were the things they had to deal with. Because this year, it’s Marxism, loss of parental rights, and outright indoctrination across the board. If that doesn’t scare you enough, some of the other details will.

In the video, Glenn Beck shares some of the details he found in the 800 documents that were leaked to him concerning this year’s curricula. Among the documents is a “National Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action Starter Kit” that includes, among other things, the principles and demands of the group. There is also a description of their desire for the destruction of the nuclear family.

Children will also be subject to posters that say things like “You get to choose your gender.” All of this is found just in the first seven minutes of the video. It just gets worse from there.

Teachers and Parents Speak Out

Across America there are chilling reports of parents not being allowed to observe when children are being taught online, prevented from being on school grounds, and children being sent home for having the hiccups.

If this concerns you, it may be time to look into homeschooling, charter schools, or private schools. There is no doubt that children need an education. The question is, what do you want your children to learn?

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