How to Stop Annoying Robocalls

What is the First Thing You Should Do if You Get a Robocall?

  • Yell
  • Cuss
  • Hang Up
  • Chat

Answer: Hang Up

There are 217 million Americans on the Federal Do Not Call List, but last year the FTC still received over 3 million complaints about unwanted calls. The problem? Some legitimate companies still aren’t respecting the Do Not Call list. And many of the unwanted calls are from scammers or non-legit companies, who don’t care if they violate the law.

1. Get on the National Do Not Call Registry
Visit the National Do Not Call Registry. There’s no cost to sign up and your number will be listed indefinitely, which can help to stop the law-abiding telemarketers. It works for both mobile phones and landlines.

2. Don’t Press Any Keys or Interact in Any Way
If the automated systems offer any keypresses to speak with a human or even remove yourself from their list — do not press any keys. This doesn’t usually work and it just identifies you as an active prospect for more calls. Any type of interaction is noted by the system, and likely to result in even more calls.

3. Subscribe to a Call Blocking Service
Blocking services are starting to gain ground. The service Nomorobo is now available to a number of consumers; check here to see whether it’s available to you. Check with your phone company for other options. Some carriers like AT&T, Verizon and Sprint allow you to block certain phone numbers. If you use any of these, give Consumer Reports feedback on these services.

4. Try your smartphone’s call-blocking apps
If you have a smartphone, consider available call-blocking apps. Also, Apple iOS7 and later customers can use Apple’s call blocking feature.Tell Consumer Reports about your experience with these apps.

5. Pressure Major Telcos to Stop Supporting Robocallers
The major telecommunications companies have the technology and means to stop robocalls and they are dragging their feet. The following group seeks to pressure lawmakers and telcos to take more affirmative action. Sign the petition here

You’ll find if you use the steps above that your phone may suddenly become blissfully silent, at least from robocalls.