Preparing for Danger with a Former Navy Seal

Preparing for Danger with a Former Navy Seal

( – If a fire were to break out in your office today, would you know how to get out? If an active shooter enters the restaurant where you are enjoying dinner, would you know where to seek cover? Most of us go through our day to day lives without paying much attention to the environment around us.

Today, we’re getting tips on situational awareness by retired Navy Seal, Clint Emerson. The advice he provides can teach us to be better prepared to handle situations like those listed above.

Clint shares with us his insight on safe areas in the home, how to identify escape routes in an office fire, and how to react to active shooter scenarios.

He also breaks down his concept of “total awareness” into four categories: Personal awareness, cultural awareness, third-party awareness, and situational awareness. This provides a mental checklist to refer to as we evaluate ourselves and the world around us.

For survivalists, being aware of our environment is incredibly important. The wisdom shared by Mr. Emerson can help us learn how to respond when the SHTF and how to use our surroundings to our advantage.

~Here’s to Your Survival!

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