Nothing’s Too Sacred for Extreme Activists

Nothing Too Sacred for Extreme Activists

(Modern – You would have to live under a rock not to know activists have been attacking statues and monuments in recent weeks. They claim they’re racist or represent oppression to people of color. Some of these statues have been around for decades, some more than a century. That was hard enough for law-abiding citizens to watch, but now, things may have gone too far.

Shaun King claims that statues representing Jesus as a white man are symbols of oppression and white supremacy. King went on to say that Christian whiteness, not white Christianity has always been the main religion in America for centuries. He goes on to claim he received 500 death threats within a period of 48 hours… from white Christians, claiming that Christian whiteness has always been violent. After backlash received from his statement, King stood by his words saying the response “proves his point”.

In a tweet Tuesday, King stated that if his critiques of white supremacy within the Christian world upset people they were part of the problem. He added that Christian whiteness has always been dangerous. King has come under scrutiny in the past for his lack of transparency of his fundraising organization in his leading role of Black Lives Matter. He was accused of failing to refund $27,500 in donations to his now-defunct activist group fighting police brutality Justice Together.


It would seem that King has taken the path of the radical in that any argument against his actions is immediately met with a response that the argument is only being presented because the person or people are exactly what he claims they are. But the real question is, how far will Christians of any color let this destruction go on? And if white Jesus is such a problem, what about the satanic statue?

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