Next Generation Gun Lock Could Save Lives

Zore X Gun Lock
Zore X Gun Lock

Whatever your political stance is on the 2nd Amendment, the one thing both sides of the isle should have in common is gun safety. I wanted to talk about a product that’s getting great reviews as well as promoting responsible gun ownership.

ZØRE X’s revolutionary electro mechanical dial is designed to allow quick unlocking under any circumstances, even in the dark. To unlock, just turn the dial a few notches back and forth according to your PIN code, regardless of the dial starting point and the initial dialing direction. You won’t realize how fast it is until you try it yourself.

When it is locked – ZØRE’s patented cartridge sits in the chamber, without applying any pressure on the gun. But if someone attempts to charge your gun, the cartridge radially expands with 14 times the force being applied to it. It prevents motion and immediately locks the gun – all without scratching the barrel or damaging it.

Remember, being a gun owner comes with great responsibility. Be smart and stay safe!


Source: Zore Gun Locks